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4 Million Blind People Have Got Back Their Eyesight Because Of These Two Doctors.

Faith in humanity restored.

A Nepalese eye surgeon, Dr. Sanduk Ruit and American eye surgeon, Dr. Geoff Tabin along with world-renowned mountain climber started this project called 'Himalayan Cataract Project.'

via CBS News

These two eye surgeons have restored sight to more than 25,000 people in 24 countries. The bigger achievement was that the doctors that they have trained, have restored sight to 4 million people!

via CBS News

Their main mission is to cure and eradicate preventable blindness in developing nations. 

Dr. Tabin said that:

"You know, once someone goes blind in a developing world, their life expectancy is about one-third that of age and health matched peers. And also in the developing world, it takes, often, a person out of the work force, or a child out of school, to care for the blind person. So when we restore sight to a blind person, we're freeing up their family and restoring their life."

Dedicated doctors like Dr. Tabin and Dr. Sanduk gave us hope that there is still faith in humanity.

Cover image via CBS News

Article via Sunny Skyz

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