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5 Things You Will Realize If You Put Your Phone Aside During A Date.

You will be surprised!

In current times, mobile phones have taken over our social lives to an extent where it interrupts during or on a date. But, did you know that if you park your phone aside, many positive things happen? Here are 5 things that are likely to happen.

1. You would probably have a REAL conversation and will be able to talk more freely.


You can always get a lot by talking about your dreams, goals or even about the day when you are talking face to face.

2. Write sweet notes and give it to the person you love.


Even though this is old school, it has its own charm.

3. You will make them feel even more important.


It is such a turn off when you keep looking at your phone. Stop doing it!

4. You will admire them even more!


You will look at them more intently and you will see new things in them that you will admire.

5. Most important: EYE CONTACT


You will feel more connection and it is very important to do that more often.

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