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The Colour Pink Is Creating A Sensation.

Among new generations!

Pink no longer stands as a favourite classic color of girls. The new generations are creating new wave that the current trending colour is pink.

Having pink colored hair and getting pink painted for the entire home is spinning a new shade. Homes are getting painted in pink and a famous Indian interior designer, Manjeer Bhullar forecasted that pink is a huge demand and it will be used mostly in living rooms for liveliness.

via Bossy Color

As per the source, pink is an optimistic color and it's tone could reflect different moods.  It is believed that the colour welcomes spiritual connection to homes too. Apart of homes, pink is getting its way to catwalk carpeting for current lifestyle products.It is also predicted to be the color that sweetens the rest of dull colors in contemporary trend.

Article via Times of India

Cover Image via Bossy Color

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