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There's A Realistic Robot Leopard Loose in London City!

Looks so scary!

via Reuters / Mirror

The streets of London are always ridiculously busy. One might even call the city a concrete jungle. 

Well... last weekend, 'jungle' might just have been exactly the right describing word for London's famous Trafalgar Square!

Designed by the same person who created baby Voldemort for the Harry Potter film series, the robotic leopard - otherwise known as Lily -  is 1.3 metres long and terrifyingly realistic. 

via GIPHY / What's Trending

The remote-controlled -- by THREE human controllers to be exact -- animatronic creation is on the streets as part of Nat Geo Wild's Big Cat campaign, highlighting the plight of this beautiful species. 

Plus... guess what? It only took 5 weeks to create! 

Watch her roar, blink and movie her tail here:


Article Source: Mirror

Cover image via: Reuters / Mirror


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