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How Does Your Lips Shape Is Correlated To Your Personal Traits?

What does your lips tell about you?

According to scientists and physiognomists, the lips are one of the most important features to correlate to an individual's personal traits.  Lets have a quick glance on how the shape of people’s lips determine their characters.

1. Large puffy lips

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People possessing large puffy lips are best in looking after someone. You might have spent a lot of time with your pets during childhood and have protective nature towards each other. In any nerve-wracking situation, you prioritize others rather than yourself. People with this lips shape would make the best parents.

2. The upper lip is larger than the lower one

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In short, a drama queen would have this kind of lips. They tend get emotional and need attention for themselves. But, they have charming nature in love life. The interesting part is, they are the one who come with the most bone tickling jokes.

3. The lower lip is larger than the upper one

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People with these lips shape are not the right one to do office works. They know well what does having fun mean to them. They would always be friendly, highly curious and love to try new things. Such people are the best people in leading adventurous activities.

4. Ordinary lips

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People with ordinary lips are the most balanced ones and they practice common sense in getting things done rightly. They are good listeners, never gets offended and they never fail to show respect to others. Though its slightly hard to have fun with them, they are still acceptable to have fun along with.

5. Thin lips

Hard to say, but, people with thin lips are usually loners and they are able to manage any dilemmas alone. They don’t really need a companion to go for any outings or vacations.They often love being and hence, they are the best to live at home with the same group of people. They respect others decisions and find values from it.

6. An upper lip with a sharp philtrum

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People with such lip features are the most creative people who ends up being musicians or artists. They possess good memory in remembering names and faces. They would keep in touch with everyone and always aware of what’s going in their surroundings. They uphold friendliness and attain good outcomes for their doings.

7. An upper lip with a rounded philtrum

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If you have lips like this, you're probably humane, delicate, and kind. People with these kind of lips can turn out to be intensely offended about any inconveniences. Above all, they generally discover an opportunity to help other people. Helping the less blessed and deeply concerned about their surroundings are their reasons for living. 

8. An upper lip without a philtrum

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These individuals are the most mindful and trustable.  “Get it done even if it hurts“ is their vision of life. ‘Impossible’ is just a word to them and they will get things done by the deadlines. Their friends and loved ones realize that they are dependable in any circumstance

9. Small puffy lips

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People with this kind of lips are often playful and mean. Their primary need in life is their personal comfort. Upon first time knowing them, these people seemed to have selfishness in them but this isn't the right thought about them. They're empathetic and dedicated buddies. These are the kind of people who will go to help others in such a short notice and they rarely put their interests over others. Commonly, things frequently work out well for them due to this principle.

10. A very thin upper lip

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People with such lips are known to have leadership traits. They have good qualities of persuading others and have energetic nature. They are often successfull. While being focused in chasing after success, developing romantic relationships are not their cup of tea. 

Article via Bright Side

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