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This Entire Village Is Owned By Women.

and here is why it is making headlines for the right reasons!

A small village called Anandwadi in the district of Latur in Maharashtra are making headlines for the right reasons.

via Harshal Suryavanshi/Trecksphotos Blogspot

This incredible and beautiful village has total of 165 houses and all of them are owned by a woman! There are many reasons why Anandwadi village deserve its praises. Here are the list of achievements:

  • Its been crime free for 15 years and not even a single police case has been filed.
  • Every adults in the Anandwadi pledged to donate their organs and bodies for medical research.
  • It won the best village award under the 'dispute-free village scheme.'

via Flickr

If you think that villages are 'backward' mentality, think again! There are many progressive villages in India that put high tech cities to shame.

Cover image via Flickr

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