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Have You Heard of This Whacky Mermaid Toast?

It's the new trend!

Mermaid toast appears to be a new trend in the world of burnt bread. 

Adeline Waugh is a food stylist who creates beautiful bread spread designs and it looks yummy!


Like this one:


A post shared by Adeline Waugh (@vibrantandpure) on


And this one:

They're all made with naturally coloured cream cheese! 


You can make natural food colouring with the following ingredients:

Beetroot for deep purple, carrots for bright orange, avocado for light green, tumeric for light yellow, blueberries for deep blue, strawberries for light red!


Then get creative with a butter knife and sprinkles!


Follow Adeline Waugh on Instagram for more cool bread spread ideas!


Article source: Buzzfeed

Cover image via Adeline Waugh's instagram


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