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Serial Pei 2.0

The highly-anticipated Serial Pei 2.0 is here!

This time around, it comes back with an on-air contest as well!

Every Monday to Friday at 12pm, the serial will be uploaded to Facebook.

Watch it as many times as you want before the cue-to-call is announced.

If you answer correctly, you’ll walk away with cash prizes worth –

Watch and Win!



What is Shalu’s name in the serial? Answer : Girija Aunty

What Girija Aunty brought to Arvind’s house? Answer : Kesari

What is the name of the serial that Girija & aunty & Arvind’s mum are addicted too? Answer : Sorga Vaasal

What is written in Arvind’s tshirt? Answer : Life is better when you skate.

By how many weeks Arvind’s parents will be back from Japan? Answer : 2 weeks

According to Arvind, Hema is fan of which actor? Answer : Dhanush

How many small pillows in the long sofa? Answer : 3

According to Hema, how many dishes she can prepare while Arvind date his girlfriend? Answer: 5

When pest control team will be coming to Arvind’s house?Answer: Friday

Arvind’s girl friend is coming from where? Answer: Dubai

What time Arvind’s mom has to be in airport? Answer : 2.30pm

What is Arvind mother’s hand luggage beg color? Answer: Black & white

What is maid’s blouse color? Answer : Pink

What food Arvind wanted to eat with his gf? Answer : Briyani

What is Arvind’s car color? Answer : Black

Where is Girija Aunty’s next holiday spot? Answer : Mauritius

What time Hema asked the maid to come to work the next day? Answer : 8am

Whose poster in Arvind’s room? Answer : Bruce Lee

What is written in Arvind’s tshirt? Answer : On Vacation til further notice

Where Arvind decided to sleep after the scary incident? Answer : Inside his car

What is Pest controllers name? Answer : Surya and Karthi

What Arvind was searching for at Hema’s room? Answer : Power Bank

What is the time shown in Arvind’s handphone screen? Answer : 10:10

How many items were inside the drawer? Answer : 3

How many chairs are in the dining table? Answer : 6

How many cars were parked outside Arvind’s house? Answer: 7

Did Neetha drink the juice served by the maid? Answer : No

Why Arvind wants maid to stay at the house? Answer : To prank Hema / To scare her

What color cloth maid is wearing to scare Hema? Answer : White

What is Mythili’s dialogue in this episode? Answer : Yenda CD-ai odece

Where Arvind and Maid slept the whole night? Answer : Hema’s room

Who pull Suresh at the staircase? Answer : Mythili

Whats written in the window? Answer : Get out

Was Uthaya’s shirt tucked in or not? Answer : No

Did Arvind and Hema saw what was written in the window? Answer : No

Who did Arvind see outside the house? Answer : Security Guard

Arvind’s which attitude Mythili can’t digest? Answer : Timiru / arrogant

What was the Thala dialogue which used by the other ghost? Answer : Yenna taandi, tookku paarkelaam

What is Arvind’s towel color? Answer : Blue

What Hema was doing sitting in the sofa? Answer : Listening to songs

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